Sunday, June 11, 2017

Tree Top Walk @ Windsor Nature Park

Due to the on-going construction & survey work in the park, I'm not exactly sure and confuse which are the trail that is still accessible. I'm thinking of bringing my foreign friend later this month to this  place so is good to have a recce trip before that.
Windsor Nature Park
 Even with this map, is not easy to tell which part of the trail is affected.
Windsor Nature Park
 Good to be able to see such a big tree in this tiny island of Singapore!
Windsor Nature Park
The trail to Tree Top Walk is suitable for all ages as boardwalk is constructed on a otherwise challenging part of the trail.
Tree Top Walk Singapore
This is the entrance to the Tree Top Walk also serve as the traffic control to limit the number of people at any one time that stay on the suspended bridge 25m above the forest floor.
Tree Top Walk Singapore
 This is the first of its kind in the region! The bridge only allow one direction traffic.
Tree Top Walk Singapore
Do take note to keep away or hide your food in your back pack when crossing the bridge. Else the 'illegal' toll collector will just grab it from you.
Long-tailed macaque
Unfortunately, my bottled water also become the target. The monkey just grab it from my back pack after I walk pass it.
Blue-Winged Leafbird (Chloropsis cochinchinensis)
Saw this Blue Wing leaf bird high up on the tree. Can't get a better angle due to the small opening in the forest.
Common Tailorbird (Orthotomus sutorius)
 Managed to take a shot of this very active and small Common Tailor bird.
Olive-Winged Bulbul (Pycnonotus plumosus)
 This is one of the bulbul that only can be found in the forest - Olive Wing Bulbul.
Asian Glossy Starling (Aplonis panayensis)
 Family of 3 Asian Glossy Starling perch on the same branch. The on the right is the juvenile.
Javan Myna (Acridotheres javanicus)
Although Javan myna has adapted to survive in the urban area, they have no problem living in the forest too.
Blue Jay (Graphium evemon eventus)
 A very beautiful Blue Jay butterfly by the stream.
Ikan aruan
 There are lots of fishes in the stream including this Snakehead that about 30cm long.
Long-tailed macaque
Different from the troop of monkey that I saw on the Tree Top Walk, this troop rather stay away from contact and find their own food.
Plantain squirrel
 This Plantain squirrel getting ready to jump to another branch.
Playful Plaintain squirrel
The squirrel seem to be really enjoy the companion from its partner!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Woodlands Park Connector

Visited Woodlands Park Connector (via Woodlands Ave 12) right before the place is hoarded up for the construction of future Woodlands General Hospital.
Spotted Dove
Pair of Spotted dove taking the high vantage point on top of a lamp pole.
Purple heron
Part of the park connector is actually right on top of the hill slope just not far from Singapore Sports School. It is a nice sport to watch herons flying overhead out from Mandai to go for feeding.
 There are lots of swiftlets but I have no idea what species as they are quite small and fast.
Pink Neck Green Pigeon
 Saw a Pink Neck Green Pigeon among the green leaves.
Milky Stork
Also saw a Milky Stork also fly out from Mandai cross over to look for food.
Purple heron
 Quite many Purple heron that I saw today.
Rose Ring Parakeet

Rose Ring Parakeet
Not difficult to find this Rose Ring Parakeet if you know their diet. They like the fruits or rather the seed of Peacock flowers.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Caterpillars on Lotus Leaves

Butterflies/moth select only certain type of plant as their hostplant and it is different from species to species.
Caterpillar, Lotus leaf
I didn't realise that even lotus leaves is also hostplant for butterfly or moth!
Caterpillar, Lotus leaf
I believe this is the larvae of  Spodoptera litura. moth.
Caterpillar, Lotus leaf
 Closer look of the caterpillar.
Caterpillar, Lotus leaf, feeding
They feed on the lotus leaf and very destructive consider a pest in many country.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Jonker Walk of Malacca

Jonker Walk is one of the tourist attraction in Malacca or Melaka and open only during week end. Melaka is also one of the very popular week end destination among Singaporean.
Melaka, Malacca
Tourism is a booming industry in Malacca and the road are getting too congested during week end. With this bike sharing initiative, exploring Malacca is now getting easier.
Bike share Malacca
If you can't ride, just hire a beca or trishaw. This make good Instagram photo too even if is just a short distance.
Beca, Malacca
Chinese New Year is just around the corner and is the year of rooster according to Chinese calendar. This giant rooster mark the start of the famous Jonker Walk.
Jonker Walk
 The whole area is decorated with Chinese New Year theme.
Jonker Walk
This shop use the very cute cartoon to attract customers to step into their shop.
 If you are looking to buy souvenirs, this is the right place. From festive light,
 to T-Shirt
 and even Poke ball!
 is a good place to start your next Christmas present shopping.
 As with all night market, food is another must have. This is the new food corner that worth the stop.
 Long que is formed waiting to taste this local delicacy - popiah.
Popiah, Malacca
I order some satay (bbq chicken)
Satay, Malacca
The lantern are lighted up when the night falls and add the vibrancy of Jonker Walk.
 Is good to spend some time watching the cultural show while enjoying your favorite snacks.
As with many big cities around the world, Malacca was founded beside a river and this river was a major trade post during colonial time.
Malacca river
From a busy port to a quiet town and is now back to it's previous glory.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

2nd Oil Spill at Chek Jawa

The last oil spill that hit Pulau Ubin was about 7 years ago. Last week, Pulau Ubin was hit by another oil spill. From the media, it seem that this time round the spill was less severe. Nevertheless, is bad for the environment especially the effect on our very fragile shore at Chek Jawa.
Pulau Ubin
I decided to take a look and arrived on the island quite early. Most of the bicycle rental shop was not even open yet. Only the last one is open and there's where I rent my bike. I usually just hike all the way but decided to rent a bicycle as I'm planning to explore a few area and by bicycle will cut down a lot of walking times...   :)
Oil Spill Kit
Is scary to see the Oil Spill Kit everywhere. But the clean look of the kit give me some relief. Hopefully we don't need to use them at all.
sun shine, Pulau Ubin
 It was a nice ride to Chek Jawa with the beautiful view.
Chek Jawa Wetlands
I think I'm the earliest today. Didn't see anyone along the way.
Pulau Ubin, Chek Jawa
Yes. I'm the first one to arrive at Check Jawa today. Thats my only bike at the parking area.
 More spill kit when nearer to the shore.
 More tools are on standby.
Other than the boom in the water, the big yellow spill kit remain a reminder that this place was hit again by the oil spill.
 The bin or spill kit was place along the entire board walk.
oil spill
Not all spillage has been cleaned. The marks on the rock show that this part was affected by the oil spill.
oil spill
 Another part of the shore that was affected by the oil spill.
Chek Jawa
Since I'm here, why not go higher to look at the entire area from a vantage point.
 It was high tide this morning. The boom cover the entire shore to prevent further oil hitting the shore.
Atap tree
 Bird eye view of the mangrove below.
Everything seem back to normal. Bye Ubin! I will visit you again soon, and I will bring some friends from oversea with me. Stay healthy ok.  :)