Sunday, October 16, 2016

Birds of Amsterdam Part 2

This is the Part 2 of my posting of birds that I saw for my 3 days short stay at Amsterdam.
European herring gull
There are lots of gull around Amsterdam. Some of them too difficult to id so I file them a side. I hope I got this European herring gull right.
European rabbit
 Not difficult to spot this rabbit. I found them just next to the hotel I stay.
European robin
 Managed to take a photo of this small bird with my bridge camera - European robin
European starling
 One of the very common bird around Amsterdam - European starling
Not easy to see this duck over in Singapore. I'm happy to be able to watch it in such a short distance - Gadwall
Great black-backed gull
 This Great black-backed gull compete with rock pigeon for food right in the middle of Amsterdam.
Great crested grebe
 This is another new record for me - Great crested grebe
Great tit
 This is also new record for me - Great tit
Grey heron
Such a big bird how can I not taking a shot. Although I have seen it thousand times in Singapore... Grey heron 
House sparrow
 Another very common bird but uncommon in Singapore - House sparrow
 A pair of Mallard and chicks.
Muscovy Duck
 I believe this is the domesticated/hybrid Muscovy Duck
Northern lapwing
I have been wanted to see this lapwing for a long time. So happy to be able to see it here - Northern lapwing
Rose-ringed parakeet
A pair of Rose-ringed parakeet found in the middle of Amsterdam.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Birds of Amsterdam Part 1

This post was long overdue due. Well, better be late than never. As mentioned earlier, this is not a pure birding trip, nevertheless, managed to take some wildlife during my free time during my short stay in Amsterdam. All photos was taken back in early May this year.
Black-tailed godwit
I have seen Black-tailed godwit many times in Singapore. But this is the first time seeing one with the breeding plumage.
Carrion crow
 Looks very similar to the crow in Singapore, however, the Carrion Crow call was much lower pitch.
Common tern
 Managed to capture this dive shot of the Common tern with my bridge camera.
Common wood pigeon
 Another very common bird that can be found throughout Amsterdam.
Eurasian blackbird
 Black beauty of the garden - Eurasian blackbird.
Eurasian coot
 Is so difficult to see one in Singapore but there are so many Eurasian coot in Amsterdam.
Eurasian jackdaw
 In fact Eurasian jackdaw is the very first bird that I saw in Amsterdam after check-in to my hotel.
Eurasian magpie
 I saw this Eurasian magpie while I was on the cruise.
Eurasian oystercatcher
 This is my 1st time seeing an Eurasian Oystercatcher.
Eurasian wren
A very small bird but can sing very loud. Is the call that lead me to it.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Europe Travel Light & Easy

For all my trip to abroad, one of my the headache usually start with what equipment to bring for the coming trip.

For my last Europe trip, I decided to go light & easy as this trip is not my usual leisure wildlife watching trip but a working trip. I decided to just carry 1 bridge camera. The bridge camera will give me some zoom power for wildlife and my iPhone as a very handy camera to use it mainly for landscape and selfie. I also carry a carbon fiber travel tripod.

Can I survive without my usual DSLR with 500mm lens and a sturdy tripod? Below are some of the photos from my recent trip.
RAI, Amsterdam
This was the very first landscape photo that I took for my last Europe trip using iPhone. This was taken just beside the hotel I stayed near Rai, Amsterdam.
Amsterdam, Love cruise
This macro shot with a huge bicycle parking facility at the background was taken before my cruise.
When in Amsterdam in May, how can I not visit Keukenhof - the most beautiful spring garden in the world and is open only once a year!
Tulip, Keukenhof
If you are visiting Keukenhof in future, you must make sure that you have enough memory cards & batteries for whatever camera that you have. This place is so beautiful that you would want to capture as many photos as you could. Don't let your memory card and batteries stop you...  :)
Wind mill, Amsterdam
Windmill, this is how I know about Holland when I was still in my primary school. Good to see one in action.
Another macro shot (in door) at the souvenir corner inside the windmill by using my iPhone.
These are the pictures taken in London.
Big Ben London
Appear in many movie lately...Big Ben
Big Ben
I took this photo with the help of apps. Just search for light trail or pro cam in app store. There are many apps that can do this.
Eye of London
Shoot this at the same location on the West Minster Bridge but different angle.
Grey squirrel, London
This is where my bridge camera come in handy... I get the zoom power that I want to bring this squirrel appear so close to me.
Common Terns
One of the better flight shot that I have taken with my bridge camera.
This is all I carry for my Europe trip. A sling strap for my bridge camera ready for action anytime! I brought extra batteries, power bank & memory cards in my back pack also act as carrier for any souvenir that I bought along the way. I got all the shot that I wanted and survive without my DSLR! Haha...

For a DSLR user, I spend sometimes before my trip to get use to the slower response of the bridge camera compare to a DSLR camera. One of the big difference is the focusing speed, especially when the target is the fast moving object, e.g bird in flight. This is the same to any new camera, you have to know the camera well in order to make full use of the camera. I'm glad I spend sometime with it without rely on my DSLR before this trip. I will post more photos on the wild life I taken coming soon...